Ij Yokwe Lok Aelon Eo Ao
I Love the Islands
National anthem of Marshall Islands (former)
Lyricist  ???
Composer Samuel Langrine
Adopted 1979
Relinquished 1991

Ij Yokwe Lok Aelon Eo Ao (I love the islands), also known simply as "Ik Yokwe Lok", is a well-respected Marshallese folk song. It was the national anthem of the Marshall Islands when it became self-governing in 1979. The anthem remained in use during 1986 independence, and was replaced in 1991 with the current anthem, "Forever Marshall Islands".

Marshallese lyrics Edit

Ij yokwe lok ailin eo ao, ijo iar lotak ie, 

melan ko ie, im ial ko ie, im iaieo ko ie.

Ij jamin ilok jane, bwe ijo jiku emol, 

im ao lemoron in dreo. Emon lok ne inaj mij ie.

English translation Edit

I love the islands where I was born.

The surroundings, the paths, and the gatherings.

I cannot leave here because this is my rightful place.

My family heritage is forever here, it is best for me to die here.

Audio sample Edit

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