National emblem of Azerbaijan
220px-Emblem of Azerbaijan.svg
Basic info
Armiger Republic of Azerbaijan
Adopted 1990 (1918)
Escutcheon Vert, On a Mullet of eight points Argent, fimbriated Or, a Caligraphic representation of the name Allah in the form of an Eternal Flame, a Bordure within a Bordure within
Other attributes
Compartment (Motto) Oak branches and wheat ears (no motto)

The national emblem of Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan gerbi) combines traditional & modern symbols. Its focal point is the fire symbol, which comes from the fact that Azerbaijan has the nickname of "The Land of Eternal Fire".

Symbolism Edit

The colors of the emblem are taken from the Azeri national flag. Green is for Islam (the major religion of Azerbaijan), red is for the development of the nation, and blue is for the fact that Azeris are one of the Turkics. The 8 - pointed star symbolizes the 8 branches of the Turkic peoples, and between each point is a smaller star.

The emblem represents Azerbaijan's independence. It consists of an oriental shield with the colors of the Azeri flag and a semicircle of oak branches and wheat ears resting on it. The focal point of the emblem is an image of a tongue of fire in the shape of the Arabic word Allah (الله‎, God) in the 8 - pointed star.

History Edit

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The government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic declared a competition on the national emblem of Azerbaijan on January 30, 1920 and made a decision to present the emblem model on May of the same year. However, due to the collapse of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on April 28, 1920, the emblem was not approved. The Supreme Mejlis of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic discussed the issue connected with the national emblem and raised petition in the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan SSR on declaration of a new competition on the national emblem of Azerbaijan on November 17, 1990.

The competition was declared by the decision of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic on February 5, 1991. Tens of projects of the emblem were presented during the competition of 1991-1992 and it was also proposed to approve one of the projects developed in 1919-1920.

By the Constitutional Law of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic, approved on January 19, 1993, one of the projects, developed in 1919-1920 with certain alterations was confirmed the national emblem of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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